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Track Your Shipment

Where is it from? The road to the future of food safety, requires a road map for consumer confidence.

In recent weeks, food recalls due to contamination have made headlines across the country. Tracking down the source of the contamination is crucial to fixing the problem, but can be difficult due to a lack of traceability in the supply chain.
Signed into law in January of 2011, the Food Safety… Modernization Act is one tool regulators are using to respond to increased consumer concerns. The act is intended to shift focus away from responding to contamination, instead taking a more pro-active stance on prevention.
The key to prevention lies in traceability following the item from the grower to the galley. All along that route, key factors such as temperature and safe handling practices determine the quality of produce delivered to consumers.
Staying ahead of the curve, Jupiter Florida based Locus Traxx is providing the only real-time solution to the problem. Their SmartTraxx™ technology allows for continuous monitoring of a shipment’s temperature and location. Locus Traxx President and CEO David Benjamin believes his product is the first step in the long awaited supply chain revolution. “If you’ve got a truck delivering food, and it’s not owned by the grower, the seller, or the buyer, it’s running on someone else’s truck. Knowing what’s happening on that truck, and keeping a record in real time, is the key to what we’re bringing to the market,” says Benjamin.
Benjamin believes recent outbreaks of food borne illness could have been avoided, had important monitoring data been available while produce was en route. “If we have harmful bacteria, when the temperature goes up, it grows at a faster rate. If we cool it back down again, it slows that rate, but it doesn’t get rid of the growth that was there. Managing the temperature in transit properly, keeps bacterial growth from getting out of control,” says Benjamin.
The traceability provided by the SmartTraxx™, SmartTraxx™ Portable, and SmartTraxx™ Marine unit help maintain product freshness, while shortening the time the produce lives in transport. This ensures healthier, longer lasting produce on store shelves, and increased consumer confidence. “It’s important to know where the product came from, if we find an issue. So that we can determine where in the chain of custody, something might have gone wrong,” says Benjamin.
With the FDA already implementing portions of the Food Safety Modernization Act, everyone involved in the supply chain will be forced to take steps to stay up to date with consumer demands and federal regulations.