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Track Your Shipment

As an Owner or CEO you are aware that transportation costs have a major impact on the success of your operation. Establishing an effective plan, in which you are extracting maximum revenue dollar out of every shipment, is critically important.

With Locus Traxx, your employees will have access to accurate real-time temperature and location information from shipments on the road.  This gives them the ability to prevent and address issues the moment they arise and make last minute adjustments to the plan as needed.

Additionally, you ensure that your logistics department has the tools they need to create the most efficient operation, while providing the flexibility to adjust service levels and meet time windows.  Locus Traxx aims to improve your relationship with your customers, help protect your brand, and improve your bottom line.

What about ROI?

By implementing our solution you will see a return on investment within 6-9 months.

Additionally, you will notice a significant reduction in:

  • Temperature related claims and man hours spent mitigating claims
  • Man hours spent on tracking and managing shipments

You will notice improvements in:

  • Customer service and driver communication
  • Productivity and operational efficiency

Once these routes are executed, you are able to compare actual data versus planned giving you the opportunity to consistently measure success.

With this information you can gain a better understanding of areas in need of improvement, and reduce unnecessary expenses affecting your bottom line. If you are ready to take your transportation operation to the next level, please view our resources below and contact us for more information.