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Track Your Shipment

Americas and the Caribbean

What’s happening. Where it’s happening. As it’s happening.

Locus Traxx and Global LogisticsAt Locus Traxx Worldwide, we use the latest wireless sensing technology in all of our products to safeguard the delivery of fresh food and high value items is what we do best.  We provide the real-time shipment temperature, security and location information you need to decrease your margin of error and ensure effective monitoring.

Why wait until a shipment reaches a final destination to know the condition of the cargo? To limit information overload, we check the incoming shipment temperature, security and location data. That way, if something needs immediate attention, we send Intelligent Alert text and email messages. No more surprises at the end of the trip!

Our success is allowing us to grow at a rapid rate and we have expanded operations to Latin America as well as Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Click on the links below to learn how we continue to be a key player in global logistics.