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Locus Traxx Worldwide Receives Driscoll’s 2015 Cold Chain Champion Award, Saving Driscoll’s Over $1.2 Million


Driscolls picFrom right to left: Tom Shepherd – Director of Logistics at Driscoll’s, Scott Komar – Supply Chain Group Vice President at Driscoll’s, Oscar De La Rosa – Transportation Manager at Driscoll’s of Mexico, David Benjamin – President & CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide, Kevin Murphy – President and CEO of Driscoll’s, Soren Bjorn – Executive Vice President at Driscoll’s of the Americas, Reb Botelho – Transportation Manager at Driscoll’s, Michael Van Horn – Director of Delivered Sales Transportation at Driscoll’s. 
JUPITER, FLORIDA (November 8, 2015) — Recognized for alignment to a strategic vision and driving innovations in the industry, Locus Traxx Worldwide received Driscoll’s highest honor being named the 2015 Cold Chain Champion of the Year at the inaugural Driscoll’s Logistics Conference in Seaside, CA.  This prestigious award is given only once per year to a company that successfully exceeds Driscoll’s expectations and assists them in implementing their organization’s vision.

Driscoll’s reported that in less than six (6) months Locus Traxx’s SmartTraxx GO disposable real-time devices have saved more that $1,200,000 in what would have been lost shipments, delivering a better than 3-to-1 immediate ROI.  The ability to take corrective action before a shipment is damaged resulting in rejections and claims is an evolutionary shift for the industry.  Unlike traditional data loggers, SmartTraxx GO products have been shown to make money for their users and provide automated FSMA Compliance for the pending Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food regulation.

“Driscoll’s is pleased to have selected Locus Traxx Worldwide as our 2015 Cold Chain Champion. They have provided critical leadership in support of Driscoll’s goal of achieving proactive in-transit monitoring of our fruit that includes real-time visibility of temperature, security and truck location,” said Tom Shepherd, Director of Logistics at Driscoll’s. “Locus Traxx has also established a variety of services for Driscoll’s. These include a managed services team to respond to in-transit alerts, the development of customized reporting, and global cold chain support.”

The two-day invitation only event was a prestigious gathering of the industries top producers and service providers, focused on strategic initiatives and alignment with Driscoll’s corporate vision.  During the event, Driscoll’s senior executives presented awards to a select group of providers based on their ability to consistently exceed Driscoll’s expectations as well as demonstrate an understanding of Driscoll’s vision, mission, and values through their daily work.

David Benjamin, CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide, both attended and presented at the event in Seaside, California and recalls it was an “unforgettable experience.“ “The relationship between Locus Traxx and Driscoll’s is one of collaborative learning and open communication,” said Mr. Benjamin.  “The SmartTraxx GO platform has won so many prestigious awards this year, but winning the Cold Chain Champion Award… it’s like winning an Oscar.  Locus Traxx has committed to provide extraordinary levels of service and has adopted Driscoll’s mission as our own.”

This honor follows a number of Locus Traxx Worldwide achievements in 2015 including United Fresh’s Food Safety Product of the Year Award, IoT Evolution’s Product of the Year Award, Supply and Demand Chain’s Green Award, and being named a 2015 GrowFL Company To Watch.

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About Locus Traxx Worldwide
Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high-value shipments. Locus Traxx’s products and services focus on improving on-time deliveries, food safety, shelf life and security through advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology and highly innovative services. The result is a revolutionary way to maintain product safety and quality in transit. Locus Traxx demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility when CEO David Benjamin launched the company’s GO Green program.

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