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Locus Traxx Worldwide Introduces the SmartTraxx™ GO XL

GO XL offers users an extended life advantage for real-time monitoring… 

Jupiter, FL – June 2, 2015 – Locus Traxx Worldwide is proud to announce the release of the SmartTraxx™ GO XL, a monitoring and tracking device that combines the very best of the SmartTraxx™ technology, with a 60-day battery life.

SmartTraxx GO XL“The GO XL represents a significant milestone for Locus Traxx in our continued efforts to deliver the very best technology and service to our customers,” said David Benjamin, President and CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide. “Not only by providing global visibility and monitoring to in-transit cargo but by setting a new standard in real-time temperature and location monitoring devices.”

Tracking your ocean container cargo has never been easier than with the GO XL.  The 60-day battery life and software to support ocean bound cargo now means full coverage for your products on the road, in the port, and on the water. When your ship leaves port, the GO XL begins recording. As the ship nears the next port, the GO XL automatically connects and pushes all of your data before the ship even docks.

“We have seen overwhelming demand from our clients for the GO XL,” said Michelle Korte, Vice President of Sales.  “We announced the availability of the GO XL to our clients that ship by ocean carrier last quarter and everyone has leapt at the chance to monitor and track their loads.”

The information generated by the GO XL may also be accessed through Locus Traxx Worldwide’s innovative Traxx GO panel. Traxx GO is an easy-to-use web-interface that allows you to monitor your cargo right from the website. Traxx GO is available 24-7 for your convenience. All you need is your GO XL serial number entered into the box to get started.

About Locus Traxx Worldwide
Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high value shipments around the world.  Our core products and services are focused on improving on-time deliveries, loss prevention, and security through advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology and highly innovative services.  The result is a revolutionary way to maintain the safety and quality of products while in transit. Locus Traxx demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility when CEO David Benjamin launched the company’s GO Green program.  For more information about Locus Traxx Worldwide, visit and follow Locus Traxx on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.