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Locus Traxx Worldwide Europe and Coolterm Bring Real-Time Traceability to France

PARIS, France (18 March, 2016) – Locus Traxx Worldwide, the industry leader in real-time temperature and location monitoring of perishable and high-value shipments, has appointed Coolterm as its first representative in France. Coolterm will distribute the innovative SmartTraxx GO Product line, consisting of the GO, GO XL, GO LUX and GO Location monitoring devices.


Suppliers now have the opportunity to gain a competitive edge with real-time global visibility of the location, temperature and security of their products in transit. Alerts are automatically generated and sent via SMS or email, allowing users to uphold the integrity of their products on the road, in the port, and out on the water. The ability to take corrective action before a shipment is damaged resulting in rejections and claims is an evolutionary shift for the industry.


Coolterm Managing Director, Eric Pelbois, is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of cold supply chain solutions. Coolterm has been testing the units in France for about a year and the feedback from users has been extremely positive. “After completing successful trials with various companies in France, we know that the SmartTraxx Product Line will be a valuable asset to the French supply chain,” said Pelbois.


The SmartTraxx Product Line launched in the United States 2 years ago, but this is the first time it will be seen in France. “Locus Traxx is very excited about Coolterm distributing our technology in France. Traceability is key in today’s market, and there is no other company that is able to provide the same level of accuracy in real-time. We are incredibly optimistic about the outcome of this collaboration,” said Jan-Willem Schrijver, Managing Director of Locus Traxx Worldwide Europe.


About Coolterm

Le management des températures est une préoccupation grandissante des industriels de la restauration, de l’agroalimentaire, de la distribution, de la santé… Des technologies innovantes de plus en plus nombreuses viennent apporter des solutions permettant aux opérateurs de conjuguer meilleure maîtrise des risques et réponses aux préoccupations environnementales, réglementaires, etc. COOLTERM intervient dans ce domaine avec une offre de services pour le diagnostic des problématiques liées à la chaîne du froid et des solutions innovantes mais éprouvées pour y répondre de façon optimale.

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About Locus Traxx Worldwide Europe

Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location and security monitoring for perishable and high-value shipments. Our core products and services are focused on improving on-time deliveries, food safety, shelf life and security through advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology and highly innovative services. The result is a revolutionary way to maintain the safety and quality of products while in transit. Locus Traxx demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility when CEO David Benjamin launched the company’s GO Green program.


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