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Locus Traxx Worldwide and The Oppenheimer Group Create Strategic Partnership

Jupiter, FL – June 18, 2015 – Locus Traxx Worldwide is proud to announce its partnership with The Oppenheimer Group. This partnership will allow Oppenheimer’s customers to track and monitor in real-time the temperature, location and security of their products as they transit the world.

Steve Roosdahl, Executive Director of Supply Chain at The Oppenheimer Group said: “Efficiency and quality are very important to us at Oppy, and Locus Traxx makes it easier to achieve both. Locus Traxx provides cost effective real-time temperature and truck location updates through EDI, visible in our in-house ERP systems. Every order requires good communication between Oppy transportation, sales and quality assurance staff and the customer.  Previously, a single order could require 5 to 10 calls. Multiply that by over 80,000 orders shipped in a year, and our call volume could be as high as 800,000 conversations. By giving everyone involved in the transaction access to location and temperature details, knowledge is shared much more efficiently, allowing for out-of-temperature loads to be corrected and alternate solutions to be considered long before arrival.”

David Benjamin, President and CEO of Locus Traxx Worldwide remarked: “We are excited to partner with Oppy, one of the leading companies in the produce industry. Our job is to provide Oppy with the opportunity to enhance productivity and efficiency, develop new services and improve real-time decision making.”  Benjamin added, “Our IoT and EDI platforms made this an easy and fast integration between our respective systems.  Oppy is now using our original SmartTraxx GO products on their shipments in North America and our new GO XL (Ocean) product on shipments out of Peru.  That’s worldwide control.”

About Locus Traxx Worldwide

Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high value shipments.  Our core products and services are focused on improving on-time deliveries, food safety, shelf life and security through advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology and highly innovative services.  The result is a revolutionary way to maintain the safety and quality of products while in transit. Locus Traxx demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable operations and social responsibility when CEO David Benjamin launched the companies GO Green program.  For more information about Locus Traxx Worldwide, visit and follow Locus Traxx on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About The Oppenheimer Group

The Oppenheimer Group, known to many as Oppy, is a leading North American fresh produce distribution and marketing company. The organization sources over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 25 countries and delivers them to retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators across the U.S. and Canada, as well as export markets. Learn more at