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Produce should be as fresh upon delivery as when it’s loaded onto a truck. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. With OverSight, you can continuously monitor the temperature and location of every shipment. If something happens, you can contact your shipper and either request special handling, a closer inspection, or let them know you’re requesting a replacement shipment. The ability to detect problems before they occur can substantially improve customer satisfaction.


GO-logo Disposable by design, the SmartTraxx GO is the oldtime temp-recorder done better. As soon as you pull the tab, temperature and location data are sent in real-time to the cloud. Lost or damaged loads can be a thing of the past. If a problem pops up, an alert goes out, and you can take corrective action. There’s no searching for a device to download at the receiver’s dock. All trip data is available online before the doors even open. Complete visibility at your fingertips, in transit and at the dock. Doesn’t that make more sense?


The SmartTraxx Portable shipment monitoring system from Locus Traxx lets you continuously monitor any shipment at any time. A wireless temperature sensor goes inside the shipment. A communication module mounts outside the shipment to capture GPS location information, read and capture the temperature sensor data, and transmit all of that information, in real-time, from the road. SmartTraxx™