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Don King cries “foul” following hijacked turkey truck

Legendary boxing promoter and South Florida resident, Don King suffered a major blow last December, when a truckload of turkeys, over 2,000 birds in total, flew the coop en route to a p…re-holiday giveaway, in Mangonia Park.
Amidst conflicting reports of hijacking and mechanical difficulties, the truth soon became apparent, wherever the frozen foul were, they were not where they were expected to be.
WPTV’s Rikki Klaus shows a prime example of a situation easily avoided with the simple addition of a SmartTraxx, or a SmartTraxx Portable shipment monitoring unit. These units transmit real-time temperature and GPS location data. With prices as low as $65 dollars a unit, SmartTraxx is an affordable alternative to the potential loss of expensive product, and worse, consumer confidence.

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