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Go Green FAQ’s

Learn how you can help us reduce our carbon footprint.


1)   What is the Locus Traxx “Go Green” program?

Locus Traxx Worldwide is very concerned about maintaining the environment. The GO Green program is a way for us to help keep batteries and plastics out of your landfill. We offer a cash reward for companies that send GO units back to us after use.


2)   What’s in it for me/my company?

Other than assisting us in making the world a cleaner place, your company will receive a cash Reward for every GO unit you send back to us.


3)   What do we need to do to receive the reward?

There are 3 easy steps for receiving your Go Green Reward. Fill your box with GO units, seal it up, fill out the return document and ship the box back to us. We will mail your company a check for all units received.


4)   I lost my Go Green return form, where can I get another one?

Click Here and you can print one directly from our website.


5)   How many GO units should we send back at a time?

You may send back as many units as you want, but we will only provide a prepaid shipping label if you are returning 40+ units (within the US and Canada).


6)   Who will the reward check be made out to?

Fill out your company information on the Go Green Form and we will mail a check within 4-6 weeks of receiving the GO units.


7)   Is there a limit to how much money my company can receive in rewards?

No. We encourage you to send back as many as possible. We will give you a cash reward for every unit we receive.


8)   I have questions. Who should I contact about the Go Green Program?

Please call Customer Support at 877-998-7299 or Email our Go Green Team.