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Track Your Shipment


Q: How does the OverSight™ system work?

A: The OverSight™ system makes anything self-reporting. It does this through a combination of active RFID sensors that detect and communicate changes in conditions. Sensors continuously transmit their readings to a SmartTraxx™ communication module attached to the vehicle. The SmartTraxx™ communication module adds GPS location data and sends the information to the SmartTraxx™ data center for analysis, reporting and, when required, Intelligent Alerts.

Q: What kind of things can OverSight™ monitor and report?

A: New sensor capabilities are being added all the time. Most commonly we detect and report: location, temperature, engine hours, movement and security (based on door open).

Q: Can I monitor and report multiple things on one shipment or one piece of equipment?

A: You can absolutely monitor and get information on multiple conditions. A fairly typical example is location, temperature, security and fuel use. Other data points can be derived from these including unauthorized use, fuel theft, excessive dwell and unauthorized location.

Q: How hard is it to change what I choose to monitor?

A: It’s very easy to change monitor settings. Our SmartTraxx™ equipment supports over-the-air programming. There is no need to revisit the equipment unless you need to add a new sensor.

Q: How frequently is the information sent?

A: Information is sent as frequently as the customer wants. This can be every minute, daily or anything in between.

Q: What can I do with all that data?

A: To make sure you are not overwhelmed with data, Locus Traxx inspects the incoming data for any readings that fall outside the settings you established. For example, if the temperature of a frozen shipment starts to trend toward thawing, you will get an Intelligent Alert. Intelligent Alerts are text or email messages that alert you to the need for action. All the data collected is available, all the time, online for reporting.

Q: What information is included in an Intelligent Alert message?

A: The information contained in an Intelligent Alert is unique for each customer but usually contains:

  • Date and time the alert is issued
  • Information about the device being tracked such as vehicle or shipment ID
  • Driver information (when relevant) such as name and phone
  • Type of alert (such as unauthorized use or out of range temperature reading)
  • Ideal reading and current reading (such as ideal and current temperature)

Q: What happens when an Intelligent Alert is sent?

A: Each Intelligent Alert needs to be cleared through some action. For a shipment with a temperature problem, this might be a call to the driver to inspect his reefer setting. Once the Intelligent Alert is cleared, the alert will be removed from the alerts displayed on the online OverSight™ Dashboard. The OverSight™ system will record the action that was taken to clear the alert, when the action was taken and who took the action. This record can be a very helpful diagnostic tool to eliminate the cause of repeated alerts.

Q: What if I want to change Intelligent Alert settings?

A: Intelligent Alert settings can be easily changed on line through the OverSight™ Dashboard. The only requirement is that your user ID has been given the rights to make the change.

Q: How do I get access to the online reports?

A: The online reports are available through the OverSight™ DashBoard to anyone with a valid user ID and password. You can log into the reports from If you need a user ID and password you can contact your program administrator or Locus Traxx support at 561-665-5560.

Q: What happens if the system stops working or I have a problem?

A: Locus Traxx provides 24-hour phone support and online text support during normal business hours.

Q: What is the phone support number?

A: The phone number for technical support is 561-665-5560.

Q: Where does power come from?

A: Our wireless SmartTraxx™ sensors are battery powered. For the SmartTraxx™ GPS and communication modules we offer both wireless, solar power and wired power options. The selection is based on the needs of the customer and the type of installation.